Braille Signs

Make your property inclusive and ADA compliant with quality braille signs.

Braille Vista SignBraille signs are a very important part of your ADA signage plan. At A2Z Signs, we can provide you with ADA compliant braille signs in a variety of materials. With our high-quality signs and our fair prices, you can ensure your property is accessible to the visually impaired without breaking your budget.

Why You Need an ADA Sign Specialist for Braille Signs

The world of braille signs can be complicated, especially considering the other ADA requirements that can apply to braille signs. At A2Z signs, we have over 20 years of experience working with braille signage and our staff understands all the fine details of this work. For example, we understand that:

  • Not all braille is compliant: There are actually different grades of braille that may be used on various products. For ADA compliance, Grade 2 braille must be used.
  • Not all text needs a braille interpretation: When ADA signs contain inserts or changeable copy, this text does not necessarily have to be accompanied by a braille interpretation. Neither does text on non-ADA advertising or temporary signage. Only permanent identifying or way finding text on ADA signs needs a braille interpretation.
  • Placement matters: In order for braille sign to be useful to the visually impaired, they need to be placed according to ADA specifications. This creates a pattern in all buildings so that visually impaired individuals are able to locate the braille signs and read them.
  • Other ADA standards apply: Braille signs must also include visual content for individuals who do not read braille. This content must comply with ADA standards for color contrast, finish, and font legibility.

We’ll make sure your braille signs strike a proper balance between the requirements of the law and the needs of your business.

We Make High-Quality Braille Signs–Guaranteed

You can rely on the experienced professionals at A2Z Signs to produce top-quality braille signs using the latest and greatest production methods, whether you choose plastic, acrylic, or metal braille signs. Please call (909) 949-4442 to learn more about how we can make your project a success.