Etched Plaques

Capture the finest details with etched metal plaques.

Do you envision a text-heavy plaque, or one that incorporates a photo or line drawing? You need an etched plaque. Our laser etching equipment allows us to reproduce an extremely high level of detail with great precision. Etched plaques are easy to tell from cast metal plaques because the text is incised into the surface of the metal rather than raised, and the background rather than the text is the color of the metal.

Four Types of Etched Plaques to Choose From

At A2Z Signs, we offer four different types of etched plaques. Depending on the look you want, these materials can be paired with various finishes, textures, and sometimes colors for a truly custom look. The metals we work with are:

  • Aluminum: The sleek look of an etched aluminum plaque is ideal for just about any architectural style, including modern styles.
  • Bronze: Embrace tradition with the warm, dignified tones of a bronze plaque.
  • Copper: Demand attention with the eye-catching, fiery tones of a copper plaque.
  • Stainless Steel: In outdoor applications where style and durability are an absolute must, consider stainless steel plaques.

Get Your Plaques On Time and On Budget

At A2Z Signs, our highly trained estimating staff knows etched plaques backwards and forwards. They will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate for the work as well as a reliable schedule for completion. If you have a special time constraint such as an upcoming dedication ceremony, historical anniversary, or donor recognition event, let us know and we’ll do our best to expedite the job for you.

Call Now to Learn More

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