Bronze Plaques

Commemorate and communicate in style with custom bronze plaques.

Bronze PlaqueWhen you want your words to carry a little more weight, choose the sophisticated, dignified tones of a bronze plaque. At A2Z Signs, we can create custom bronze plaques to your exact specifications, bringing your vision for your plaques to life.

You have your choice of cast bronze plaques with dimensional letters and logos, or etched bronze plaques with the ability to reproduce extremely fine details such as photographs or artwork.

Our custom bronze plaques are an excellent option for:

  • Donor recognition
  • Building dedications
  • Historical markers
  • Memorials
  • Garden markers
  • Artwork labels
  • High-end architectural signage
  • Awards
  • And more

Why Choose A2Z Signs

Bronze Plaque Pomona CollegeAt A2Z Signs, we’ve been casting bronze plaques for over 20 years, and we have the process down to a science. This enables us to provide a perfect product every time, even under a tight deadline. Considering that bronze plaques can last for decades, it is naturally very important to choose a true perfectionist like A2Z Signs as your contractor.

For the safety of our customers and the environment, we are careful to always provide a high-quality product made from lead-free and mercury-free bronze alloys. Eco-conscious customers will also be happy to know that when we produce cast metal items, we carefully gather all scraps for reuse later to cut down on waste.

Call Now to Order Your Plaques

If you’re ready to start collaborating with us on a custom bronze plaque design, or you simply want more information about our products and services, please call (909) 949-4442 now.