Aluminum Plaques

Create stunning custom cast aluminum plaques with help from A2Z Signs.

If you want your aluminum plaques to lend an air of prestige to your property, they need to be custom made to suit your exact application. After all, a generic plaque could look cheap or out of place, especially if its font doesn’t match your signage or the border doesn’t complement the architectural style of your property. Fortunately, at A2Z Signs we give you choices. You get to create totally custom aluminum plaques with your choice of:

  • Plaque size & shape
  • Text content
  • Logo placement
  • Etched images
  • Border design
  • Background texture/color
  • Brushed or polished finish
  • Wall or stake mount

A Perfect Match for Annual Plaque Orders

If your plaques are part of a series that will need frequent updating, naturally you want to choose a company you will be happy partnering with for the long haul. At A2Z Signs, we’ve been producing beautiful aluminum plaques for over 20 years and we plan to continue making plaques to the same exacting standards for many years to come. You can rely on us to produce a perfectly matching series of plaques for needs like annual donor recognition or a growing art collection. If we know in advance you plan to order more plaques in the future, we can even keep your design and production materials on hand for reuse to save time and ensure a perfect match on future projects.

Call Now to Get Started

If you would like to learn more about getting your custom aluminum plaque project started, please contact A2Z Signs at (909) 949-4442. We make every effort to respond to all customer contacts within 24 hours.