Metal Letters

Get elegant, eco-friendly metal letters to enhance the look of your business.

Creekside Metal LettersMetal letters give every project a look of permanence and elegance. They come in a huge variety of styles and colors. The three main types of metal letters are:

Flat Cut Metal Letters: Waterjet cut metal letters are available in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel and can be custom cut to produce any font or logo. Precision flat cut metal letters are available in a wide variety of finishes such as polished, anodized or even powder coated.

Cast Metal Letters: The casting process allows for the creation of the deepest, sturdiest, most beautiful aluminum and bronze metal letters and logos at a lower cost than flat cut metal.

Fabricated Metal Letters: Stainless steel fabricated letters are premium letters that have been expertly crafted to meet the exacting requirements of the most sophisticated clientele. Light weight with crisp 90° angle edges, fabricated letters offer a high end look with a variety of finishes and depths up to 5”.

Eco-Friendly Metal Letters

At A2Z Signs, we care about the environment and our community. That’s why we’ve made sure all of our metal letters are lead and mercury free. We are also careful to collect and recycle all scrap generated when making cast metal letters.

Expert Installation for Your Metal Letters

No matter what type of metal letters you may choose, you can rely on A2Z Signs to not only provide a superior product but also provide professional installation. Having an experienced professional and a licensed contractor on the job is important because metal letters are generally attached to buildings with metal studs, and these studs need to be placed and secured carefully to support the weight of the letters.

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